Operation We Are Granny Weatherwax

Taking care of our communities during COVID-19—We got this!!!! 

If you are the kind of person who looks at times like these and thinks, “I have to DO something,” then you are a Granny Weatherwax.  Granny Weatherwax is a fictional character who epitomizes the will and wisdom to do what is needed.

The most important thing we can do to combat COVID-19 is embrace social distancing and rigorous hygiene.  People in our communities may go into quarantine and some may be hospitalized.  Operation We Are Granny Weatherwax provides a structure and tools to help us quickly organize our personal social networks and link them so that we can all take care of each other.  These are hard times.  This is a call to organize and act.  Join the movement and be a Granny Weatherwax for your community.  

This is not an organization; it is a way of doing things and is open to all who are willing.

Legal Information

We are in a rapidly evolving situation and, of course, everyone should follow whatever the decrees are for your local area by your government officials. All participants agree that they are voluntarily taking part in the above-described process.  They understand that this process is occurring during a time of unprecedented national and international crisis related to the spread of COVID-19.  As a result, all participants agree to hold each other and the administrators harmless for any and all results of participating in this process and will not hold the administrators or other participants responsible or liable for any claim, expense, harm, loss, damage, or legal liability that may occur.